Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Holy SHIT! Foreign Born signed a record deal! Yes, it's happened folks, meaning that the self-releasing days of hanging out at Kinko's are over (hopefully), but you never know, that place has a strange, time-sucking magnetism about it..
As of a day or two ago, not long before going on stage in support of the Walkmen, we signed with Dim Mak, for an August 21st release date of "On the Wing Now". I personally signed it on the hood of my car (every contract I've signed (2) has been on a car somehow) and the rest of the guys, I think signed on a bar..
anyway, so that's that. We added a song to the mix - "Don't Take Back Your Time", for those of you who got the advanced copy, and took one off - "We Had Pleasure".
For the art, we found this painter named Paul Urich, who's currently showing at the Eleanor Harwood Gallery in San Francisco, who let us use his painting "Together". It looks great, thanks again Paul!
Other than that, we won't be playing too many shows until our record comes out. Maybe a few shows here and there, but we'll resume touring in August around it's release, including a cool record release show of some kind.
hope you're well out there,