Tuesday, November 28, 2006

A few late night pictures from our American journey.

We, FB, cordially invite y'alls to sip on some Southern Lean, strap on some oversized head phones and get bliss'd-the-f*ck-out to a Slowed n' Throwed remix of our self-proclaimed classic, "The Entryway" - REMIX no. 2.
R.I.P. DJ Screw-

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

To fill a day off on our current tour with CWK, we stopped in Sedona, Az in search of some energy... Climbing high peaks and rubbing red sand on our hands in the vortexes, we stumbled and miraculously found 'neath twist juniper tree, a mysterious mp3. Dusting off the ancient gem, a choir of voices emerged! An old faded label read "The Entryway"...

Thanks be to Cam-bone for her multi-layerd singing.


Thursday, October 05, 2006

Hello, Hello:
We present to you,
yr last chance in 2006 to catch us play live for you in your own town:

"Still Livin' Off the Grid Tour"
supporting hometown heros, COLD WAR KIDS:

Oct 7- SAN FRANCISCO, Mezzanine
Oct 9- SAN DIEGO, House of Blues
Oct 12- TEMPE, The Clubhouse
Oct 14- TUCSON, Rialto Theatre
Oct 17- TULSA, Caines Ballroom
Oct 18- LAWRENCE, The Bottleneck
Oct 21- CHICAGO, Hide Out
Oct 22- CINCINNATI, Howard's Club H
Oct 23- INDIANAPOLIS, Birdy's
Oct 24- NASHVILLE, Exit In
Oct 27- BROOKLYN, Union Hall
Oct 28- BOSTON, Paradise Rock Club
Oct 30- PHILADELPHIA, Johnny Brenda's

This will also be your last chance to pick up the limited, pre-release handmade edition of our forthcoming album
"On the Wing Now"- otherwise yer gonna have to wait 'till 2007 foolz!

greasy peacey-
-foreign born

Monday, September 25, 2006

Hello Friends,
Writing to you from backstage at the 'Martini Ranch' in Scottsdale, Arizona...strange. But alas, we made it through the south, mostly unscathed- here's a quick overview in photos:
1) Lewis hangin' (post back ally jam) with Afie (Paso Mino) and Jason Collett on the beautiful back veranda at the 'Bottle Tree' in Birmingham, Alabama. Mellow vibes...
2) Garrett and Lewis giving in and trying their luck with 'Waffle Haus' in Shreveport, Louisiana- during which...
3) Matt and Ariel decided to check 'Captain D's' grease supply, only to find the WORST, MOST WRETCHEDLY VILE grease we've seen anywhere in America!!
4) Lastly, we were towed in Dallas, Texas. Alright- fine OK, it happens sometimes- the promoter paid...After which though, we spent the night at Matt's family's pad out in the beautiful 'burbs, where the police rolled up on us and we were almost towed, again, due to a sign that was left on our dashboard from the venue we played in Boston, Massachusetts, the 'Middle East'....Ha!
See ya' soon LA-

Saturday, September 16, 2006

Livin' off the grid-
Like many a restauranteur across our great nation, you too may be thinking (in an ubiquitous 'merican accent) "What, yer what now?- running that there van off what? Used fryer oil?? Grease?"
The answer is yes- why yes, we are.:
1) First we find any restaurant alongside the highway, in this case we stopped at Ray's in Green River, Utah.
(Ray's happened to be one of the only open establishments in this old dilapidated, boarded-up, dusty and depressed desert town.)
2) Next check for grease behind the joint. Usually to our dismay, it's directly next to the trash bins.
3) Find the 55 gallon drum of used fryer vegetable oil.
4) Bail the grease from the source, one bucket to the next and pour it (looks like maple syrup or caramel in a candy bar commercial) right through the strainers and filters into the 100 gallon tank that sits right in back of the van.
5) Sometimes it's really, really rank and the smell makes you want to retch.
6) After cleaning and washing up a bit, we immediately feel the rush of satisfaction from being able to drive across our vast country for less than $40 thus far, not supporting the thorny current political situation which dizzyingly revolves around the oil industry and last but certainly not least, using a cleaner burning, naturally re-newable resource. Hor-ray!!!

Foreign Born are on the road! We have travelled from one wild, rugged coast to another on nothing but grease from our nation's kitchens and a little elbow grease of our own! We are currently in Charlottesvile, Virginia scaling the walls of Thomas Jefferson's grand visions and peering in to Edgar Allen Poe's dorm room at U.V.A.. Apparently toga parties are still happenning.. Blue plastic cups litter historic grounds. But the tour's going great and we are meeting a few people in every city who actually know who we are, a good feeling in these strange times. We'd like to thank all those who come early to shows to see bands like us. Next up is North Carolina, FB onwards..

Thursday, August 24, 2006

Hopefully on tour we can find some gas station windows that rival these in their clarity and Spiritual Unity... but I don't think we're going back through Wyoming.

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

We are coming America! in a matter of weeks we shall be at your door. Please have margaritas ready and couches un-infested with mutant lice! The Foreign Born touring machine, a van that runs on grease that we are stealing from Dios Malos, will be rolling in on fumes smelling most like french-fries and well - like America..
We will have our new album "On THE WING NOW" up our sleeves like packs of dirty cards. Please buy them and help us exist!
We're trying to help you!
- MP
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Tuesday, August 15, 2006

How To Make A Record At Home

First things first, Greg Calbi is mastering our record out in NYC this week! Check his stats HERE, he's done it all!

We've found the title but are still searching for some art...We'll let you know as soon as it's all finished up. Until then, enjoy this tutorial, brought to you by our manager Kevin K. a.k.a., Big-Buckz:

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Inspirational posters in your tiny apartment studio, "where it all happens"...

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Pro-Tools rig, pre-amps, compressors etc...

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Cables & wires for all sorts of various gadgets and instruments...

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Closet turned isolation booth for recording singing, hand clapping, tambourines, shakers, bells and guitars....

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Safe place by the window to store your masters...

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Tongue drum and some turntables to make Chopped & Screwed versions of your first 7".

Monday, August 07, 2006

Summer BBQ

We rang in August with a gathering at our house- barbeque-in', drinkin', ping pongin' and listenin' to some jams. The night ended with a birthday cake for our pal Adrian. Check the progress of the event as told by digital photos.: (By the way, if anyone knows how to properly gets dem coals hawt, please email Ariel and do let him know...)

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Matt stoking the flames

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Adrian on his 27th. Mint Chip Ice Cream Cake!!!

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Gimme Fuel, Gimme Fire, Gimme That Which I Desire!!!!!!!!!!!!

Garretts dinner.

Saturday, August 05, 2006

Talladega Nights

Foreign Born took a field trip to Talladega Nights with In Waves, The Blood Arm, and some other friends. We took up an entire row and the movie was nothing short of phenomenal. I guess it also wouldn't be Los Angeles without the celebrities- it's true, the stars were there, these two blessed us with their presence.:

Abra Cadabra Holmes.

Friday, August 04, 2006

Green Writing Paper

Here's a demo of a newer song "Letter Of Inclusion". It will be on the forthcoming album, but that version may be a bit different- enjoy this glimpse before you get into the final version...

Monday, July 31, 2006

Union Hall - Live @ Tangiers 7/30/06

Big up to everyone who came out last sunday night and caught us playin' with Luke Top & Ferraby Lionheart at Tangier, 'twas a blast! Below is a small video of the second performance ever of one our newest tunes, 'Union Hall'.



Friday, June 23, 2006

Bro, Kevin Bronson of his BUZZ BANDS column of the LA Times wrote on June 22, 2006:
'...Foreign Born, opening for Giant Drag, helped break in the new sound system (bring earplugs) at the Silverlake Lounge on Tuesday. Foreign Born's full-length debut is being mixed; meanwhile, the band has a new four-song EP, "Loud Times of the Valley," that features a cover of Townes Van Zandt's "Waitin' Around to Die.".... ACTUALLY KEV, as of that very show, the limited edition "Loud Times" EP is officially out of print! Thanks to everyone who bought one- yer lucky!

Download "Waitin' Around To Die" here:

Thursday, June 08, 2006

Ariel and Matt somehow found themselves at a high-class Hollywood party about 2:30 am last week and spotted FB's official favorite member of the cast of 'Arrested Development". Look at Matt's grin- life's good!
Foreign Born Live at Walter's on Washington

Look at this! - we found ourselves on Youtube.com! a gratifying moment for any band mingling through the depths of 2006.
Here we are in Texas on the first date of our tour with We Are Scientists, peforming our hit song "Trial Wall". It's gonna be on the new album..

Monday, May 29, 2006

We have recently been handed a truckload of beautiful photographs from our friend Malia James who spent a few days with us while we were on our UK tour with Giant Drag. We thought, as a band, collectively, that you might like to see them, atleast for art's sake, if not for FB's.. So here are a few, and if they speak to you, check out MaliaJames.com and see what else she's done 'cuz it's all splendid. -FB.

Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Why yes- we've finally made it back to the states. Although the So. Cal sun shines bright, we must admit that we do miss our beloved Dear Olde Blighty....Many thanks to our friends, W.A.S. and Giant Drag, the tour was 'Ace', we can't wait to return... A new friend, whom we met at the Portsmouth Pyramids, send us this lovely photo collage of her autographed hand so we'll nvr 4gt!!! p.s.: 3 new shows added, California and Arizona!