Monday, September 25, 2006

Hello Friends,
Writing to you from backstage at the 'Martini Ranch' in Scottsdale, Arizona...strange. But alas, we made it through the south, mostly unscathed- here's a quick overview in photos:
1) Lewis hangin' (post back ally jam) with Afie (Paso Mino) and Jason Collett on the beautiful back veranda at the 'Bottle Tree' in Birmingham, Alabama. Mellow vibes...
2) Garrett and Lewis giving in and trying their luck with 'Waffle Haus' in Shreveport, Louisiana- during which...
3) Matt and Ariel decided to check 'Captain D's' grease supply, only to find the WORST, MOST WRETCHEDLY VILE grease we've seen anywhere in America!!
4) Lastly, we were towed in Dallas, Texas. Alright- fine OK, it happens sometimes- the promoter paid...After which though, we spent the night at Matt's family's pad out in the beautiful 'burbs, where the police rolled up on us and we were almost towed, again, due to a sign that was left on our dashboard from the venue we played in Boston, Massachusetts, the 'Middle East'....Ha!
See ya' soon LA-

Saturday, September 16, 2006

Livin' off the grid-
Like many a restauranteur across our great nation, you too may be thinking (in an ubiquitous 'merican accent) "What, yer what now?- running that there van off what? Used fryer oil?? Grease?"
The answer is yes- why yes, we are.:
1) First we find any restaurant alongside the highway, in this case we stopped at Ray's in Green River, Utah.
(Ray's happened to be one of the only open establishments in this old dilapidated, boarded-up, dusty and depressed desert town.)
2) Next check for grease behind the joint. Usually to our dismay, it's directly next to the trash bins.
3) Find the 55 gallon drum of used fryer vegetable oil.
4) Bail the grease from the source, one bucket to the next and pour it (looks like maple syrup or caramel in a candy bar commercial) right through the strainers and filters into the 100 gallon tank that sits right in back of the van.
5) Sometimes it's really, really rank and the smell makes you want to retch.
6) After cleaning and washing up a bit, we immediately feel the rush of satisfaction from being able to drive across our vast country for less than $40 thus far, not supporting the thorny current political situation which dizzyingly revolves around the oil industry and last but certainly not least, using a cleaner burning, naturally re-newable resource. Hor-ray!!!

Foreign Born are on the road! We have travelled from one wild, rugged coast to another on nothing but grease from our nation's kitchens and a little elbow grease of our own! We are currently in Charlottesvile, Virginia scaling the walls of Thomas Jefferson's grand visions and peering in to Edgar Allen Poe's dorm room at U.V.A.. Apparently toga parties are still happenning.. Blue plastic cups litter historic grounds. But the tour's going great and we are meeting a few people in every city who actually know who we are, a good feeling in these strange times. We'd like to thank all those who come early to shows to see bands like us. Next up is North Carolina, FB onwards..