Monday, June 11, 2007

A funny thing happened to us in our own neighborhood.. They put us on a TV show! Playing at a local club to a "local" crowd with massive Coldplay lights behind us. Just a regular day in Echo Park. But the funniest part (beside our minds being altered by a bottle of Jim Beam) was that guy in the very front row with his fist in the air, screaming and staring into my eyes like a raving lunatic! It was hard to concentrate. This might have been the director's fault of course, explaing to the crowd of extras that "this was their favorite band" and that they should "go nuts". But it was a good time for all in the end.
This show, as I've forgotten to mention, is called "Chuck" and will hit the air in September. The show, from the creators of "The O.C.", is primarily about government secrets inside a slacker's mind, which a handful of Matrix-like CIA agents are trying to uncover or protect.. not sure, as we were confused by a group of strangers being paid to dance to our music.. and we were wasted. In this episode he dates an assasin who displays some "deadly" moves on the dance floor, but the crowd doesn't notice anything because they're watching their favorite band! it was the best gig we've ever played.


Nathan said...

Echo park? As in the Echo? If so, I've seen many a good bands there. You guys totally fit like a glove in that place.

And your new album is epic. It's like what would happen if U2 stopped being super serious and just had fun with music again.

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