Monday, February 04, 2008

vote for FOREIGN BORN for 'Artist of the Month' on the deli magazine blog!!


but more importantly...

According to the San Francisco Chronicle, Obama is within 2 points of
Senator Hillary Clinton in California in the latest independent Field
Poll. He has won the endorsements of Senators Kerry and Kennedy, labor
unions, environmentalist groups and many others. This election is the
turning point for our generation. Obama is our best chance for
stopping the war and solving the problems that began 8 years ago.

And he can win in California, just like he won in Iowa, when nobody
thought he could. But he can only win if we get out there and vote.

So please, repost this message and tell everyone you know to get out
there and vote for him on Tuesday.

Obama for President!

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Matt said...

Lewis, I hope you have a great tour and really enjoy your new 12 String Strat. Hopefully, I will see you in Austin.
-Matt from GC.COM
PS I voted Obama too.