Wednesday, April 09, 2008

"From Boston to Austin: a Photographic Journey"

Well, we've come out the other side of the rabbit hole, other wise known as our "Two Weeks Across America Tour" with St. Vincent, and then some. Much thanks to the St. Vincent crew for the open arms and "champaign campaigns" that raged across the mid-west and northeast. Unfortunately we do not have much photographic evidence that we ever went out on this tour, as, along with any warm articles of clothing, we forgot our cameras upon departure! But I did happen to purchase a new gadget, known as a "disposable digital camera" (what kind of science fiction, year 3,000 bullshit is this?!) at a pharmacy in Virginia. I used this camera to document the week it took Lewis and I to travel to Austin, Texas to meet up with the rest of the band for "you know what" in mid-March.
Much thanks to the Stax Museum, in Memphis, TN, for sending the camera back to me
after I forgot it there!

Our fist stop was in Charlottesville, Virgina with our old college buddy and certified luminary David Baker Benson and his family. With no day off for the boys in FB, we proceeded to be inducted into DBB's band for two nights in a row of open mic performances. We played the material from D.B.B.'s new album in progress, "Cups". The band title? "D.B.B. Plays Cups"! This confused a few open mic hosts when reading from the short list of obscure performers... Also, I must admit that the rhythm section had just emerged from a cloud of weed smoke which had plumed in hiding from a fleet of bicycle police patrolling the campus of U.V.A., on the prowl for delinquents, which
on this night, were we. This was the 2nd night of our 2 night local tour. The 1st night (played to an audience of 4 random and indifferent souls) remains un-captured and legendary.

This is me on our 1st attempt to visit the Stax Museum in Memphis. Memphis is a strange and wildly depressing city, but full of rock history that drew us to its bosom. The museum was closed the day after a huge snow storm shook the state silly, but they forgot to tell FB!

This is me at SUN Studios in Memphis with "The King's" original microphone! nuff said..

Lew and I reminiscing about what could have been had we been of age in the late

Lew in the backyard of Graceland, listening to the guided tour.. "Elvis this.." "Elvis that.." It was awesome.

There were wells of tears behind those shades..

Ok, well that's all that's fit to print from my not so great disposable camera.
I unfortunately left it at the Stax Museum when we went there the following day and did not catalogue our time at "the crossroads" (where we made certain "transactions" with "someone"... which turned out to be the cashier at the quickie mart that's there now) or our time in New Orleans which was a filthy orgy of street-drinking and 311 fan dodging! As fate would have it, we were there during the same week 311 was holding it's annual concert on March 11th (3/11)! It was only march 9th and there were mobs in the street with dyed green dread locks blasting their tracks! I didn't even know they were still a band.. yet every bathroom line held a debate about the band's possible set list, or "what's your dream set list?" very surreal, especially after drinking the unearthly local drinks with titles like "hurricane" and "grenade".
Anyway, maybe its better we had no camera. We probably looked awful. Props to the Voodoo Museum!

As for being back in LA, we are hard at work developing schemes for the next album, which we'll start recording in May, playing a show with comedians at the Troubadour and working on our various other projects. Lewis and Luke Top are in the studio as we speak putting down horn arrangements and percussion on the FOOL's GOLD recordings. There is a 7" in the works for FG, and a show with The ENTRANCE BAND at the end of the month @ the ECHO. I am playing some BIG SEARCH shows at the end of the month with PETER MOREN, and also with the new band GLASSER led by Cameron Mesirow.

Hope all is well.



Mark V. said...

good things gents.

what happened in Austin in March?

We went to a large Shriners convention....that?

can't wait to hear the new stuff

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