Saturday, September 16, 2006

Livin' off the grid-
Like many a restauranteur across our great nation, you too may be thinking (in an ubiquitous 'merican accent) "What, yer what now?- running that there van off what? Used fryer oil?? Grease?"
The answer is yes- why yes, we are.:
1) First we find any restaurant alongside the highway, in this case we stopped at Ray's in Green River, Utah.
(Ray's happened to be one of the only open establishments in this old dilapidated, boarded-up, dusty and depressed desert town.)
2) Next check for grease behind the joint. Usually to our dismay, it's directly next to the trash bins.
3) Find the 55 gallon drum of used fryer vegetable oil.
4) Bail the grease from the source, one bucket to the next and pour it (looks like maple syrup or caramel in a candy bar commercial) right through the strainers and filters into the 100 gallon tank that sits right in back of the van.
5) Sometimes it's really, really rank and the smell makes you want to retch.
6) After cleaning and washing up a bit, we immediately feel the rush of satisfaction from being able to drive across our vast country for less than $40 thus far, not supporting the thorny current political situation which dizzyingly revolves around the oil industry and last but certainly not least, using a cleaner burning, naturally re-newable resource. Hor-ray!!!

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Seabird said...

Hey there,
I play in a band called Seabird and we tried to come see you guys on monday in Indy, but my wife got sick. But I wanted to see if you guys could chat with me about your Veg Oil van. We are signing with EMI this week and we would very much like to have this type of setup. If you wouldn't mind sharing some info, my e-mail address is
Thanks so much,

Aaron M ~ Seabird