Monday, September 25, 2006

Hello Friends,
Writing to you from backstage at the 'Martini Ranch' in Scottsdale, Arizona...strange. But alas, we made it through the south, mostly unscathed- here's a quick overview in photos:
1) Lewis hangin' (post back ally jam) with Afie (Paso Mino) and Jason Collett on the beautiful back veranda at the 'Bottle Tree' in Birmingham, Alabama. Mellow vibes...
2) Garrett and Lewis giving in and trying their luck with 'Waffle Haus' in Shreveport, Louisiana- during which...
3) Matt and Ariel decided to check 'Captain D's' grease supply, only to find the WORST, MOST WRETCHEDLY VILE grease we've seen anywhere in America!!
4) Lastly, we were towed in Dallas, Texas. Alright- fine OK, it happens sometimes- the promoter paid...After which though, we spent the night at Matt's family's pad out in the beautiful 'burbs, where the police rolled up on us and we were almost towed, again, due to a sign that was left on our dashboard from the venue we played in Boston, Massachusetts, the 'Middle East'....Ha!
See ya' soon LA-


mpathy said...

great show last night at Safari's. glad to have you back home. play some more shows!

Anonymous said...

So this is random – I used to have a great friend called Beth with a brother Lewis. Be this you?

I was in LA this weekend and my friend played one of your songs. I liked it so she showed me the CD she had picked up at a show and there was your name.

I'm Anna from NY who came to LA often and spent most of my time with Beth from about 8 to 18.
If you are indeed these Pesacovs please say what's up to Beth and your family. Either of you can email me

Congrats to the band on this very fine music. Glad to see you are doing well.